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ERS Collaborative  (Ellen, Richard, Shahla)

The Background


Organically created by artists and Zeitgeist, “schools” of art and the “schools” of thought behind them appear essential in artistic evolution.   In California, for example, the Bay Area Painters (including Richard Diebenkorn and David Parks) gave rise to the West Coast Expressionist Movement which remains a force today.

A potential incubator is the place where artists meet, practice their art, and share ideas.    

Through the process of exhibiting in the same spaces, collaborating, and competing amongst themselves, artists mentor one another and grow.    

The San Diego Art Institute (SDAI) is a long standing organization which promotes artists of all mediums.  

Its juried shows provide recognition, inspiration, and a setting for peer mentoring. “Movers and Shakers” is a project, coordinated by Patricia Frischer of The San Diego Visual Arts Network, paying homage to those in the art world who make things happen for the artist.  

The collaborative series created by Ellen Dieter, Richard Messenger and Shahla Dorafshan is inspired by the “Movers and Shakers” SDVAN project, and uses three SDAI staff members, Tim Field, Andrea Chamberlain, and Keristin Roberts as the focus.

The Art Three mid-career painters, each with their own mature and distinct style came together as friends and fellow SDAI artists to collaborate on this body of work.  

Ellen Dieter, Shahla Dorafshan and Richard Messenger worked simultaneously, in close proximity to one another, actually painting on the same surface at the same time, with the intention of creating a sum that is greater than its parts.      

Consciously, they chose to transcend their individual styles (something we know can only be accomplished through a generous love of the project).

They decided to also transcend strict portraiture in the subject matter.      

The intention was to create finished paintings of a universal style, representative of all.  

As Dieter said, “It’s all…all of us.”

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